Night City. It’s a dump, but it’s my dump. I’ve been an edge runner for the past decade. I took a few rounds when I was in the Army, got discharged without even a thank you. To make ends meet I started taking a few jobs until I could pay for some chrome. Now I’m better than ever and pulling in credits faster than I can spend them. That’s a first. The city is teeming with millions of people, and what feels like millions of criminals. Gang bangers, corporates, thugs, and other scum are out there trying to scrape every last cred off every last walking corpse. What do I care, I get my cut?

So much for the open, clean city this place started out as in the 90’s. I’ll just keep my head down, grab the good jobs, and enjoy the exciting life. I love this town, and as it’s said, “nobody leaves Night City, unless it’s in a body bag.”

Scottie Gauge – Solo


Cyberpunk 2020 is a near future alternative universe. Economic woes, lawlessness, crime, corruption and chrome are hallmarks of this setting. This CP2020 games takes place in the standard 2020 setting using the fictional city of NIght City in California. This game will require at the minimum, ownership of a basic Cyberpunk rulebook. The rulebook can be obtained from Datafortress 2020 at this link.

The State of the Nation


While there are many technological advances that are beyond our current technology, there are also many technologies that may seem quite antiquated. In order to make the game smooth to run, a slight update to most modern technology will occur.


Weapons in this game are can be obtained from current and past weapons manufacturers. Damage, accuracy, and reliability will be determined by the GM upon choosing a weapon. Players will pay the MSRP price of the weapon. Do not use gun dealer websites (Bud’s Gun Shop for instance) for prices as they are lower than the manufacturer’s MSRP. This is to keep it easy to buy firearms and reduce any confusion. A list of a few modern manufacturers will be located here.

Weapons laws in many areas are different than what they are currently today. Laws like the National Firearms Act of 1934 no longer exist. Fully Automatic weapons can be easily obtained. Although, walking around town with a belt fed machinegun will still draw a lot of attention and maybe even some quality time with the Night City SWAT team.


Vehicles will be purchased similarly to weapons. Players will find a vehicle they want online and then purchase that vehicle for MSRP. Most players will not be able to purchase a new vehicle starting out, but used vehicles can be purchased to get players from point A to B. Prices on used cars will have a depreciated value. The cheaper the car, the older the car most likely is.

The Distant Future, of 2020. (Cyberpunk 2020 Campaign)